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Legal and Industrial Representation

Member’s experience has shown those who least expected it needed legal representation. Your issue is unique to you and we believe you deserve the best representation for your situation. While it may not be necessary for legal representation at the time, expert advice from a lawyer can prevent further escalation down the track.

APA is unique in that we retain our own Lawyer with experience of paramedic and ambulance specific matters. Efthimia Voulcaris has been the Lawyer and Industrial Advisor for APA since 2012 and dedicates a large portion of her legal practise to representing paramedics as it is a passion of hers.

Efthimia has an expert understanding of the theory of investigation standards, procedural  fairness,  practices and procedures, employment principles and conduct obligations in the  private and public sector. Efthimia worked with the QLD Attorney General legal team for the Palm Island death in custody (Mulrunji) inquest. As a result of this experience, Efthimia’s career was steered towards government investigations and public sector integrity and ethics.

Efthimia provides expert assistance with:

  • Disciplinary Matters

  • Bullying and Harassment

  • Conflict and Grievances

  • Anonymous Reporting

  • Discrimination, Equity and Equality

  • General Industrial Issues

  • Industrial Commission Matters including Unfair Dismissal

  • AHPRA Matters, Investigations and Professional Indemnity activation

                Efthimia has advocated to obtain better support for paramedics with mental health issues and was awarded the ‘Australian Lawyers Alliance QLD Civil Justice Award’ for her representation of paramedics in 2020.  Efthimia appeared in the senate inquiry for “The People Behind 000: Mental Health of Our First Responders” in 2018 and more recently represented APA at the inquest for the death of one our members to advocate for positive organisational change.

                Conditions apply, for more information please read our FAQs

                AUSMED Subscription

                The Australasian College of Paramedicine (ACP) is the peak professional body representing and supporting Paramedics across Australia and New Zealand through knowledge, events, research, advocacy and much more.

                Subscription to ACP is provided by APA Tasmania when you sign up to the 'Advanced' membership option. This entitles you to full level membership at half the price you would normally pay.

                APA Tasmania will also pay for the first year of membership for University Graduates who are employed and currently carrying out their internship.

                For those who are already members of the ACP, APA Tasmania will take over your subscription payments upon joining.

                For more information visit: The Australasian College of Paramedicine (

                The Australian College of Nursing (ACN) is the national leader of the nursing profession and a community of dynamic and passionate nurses committed to advancing nurse leadership to enhance the health care of all Australians. For those paramedics who are also nurses, we offer a choice of subscription to the Australian College of Nursing as an alternative to the Australasian College of Paramedicine as part of the 'Advanced' membership option. This entitles you to full level membership at less than half the price you would normally pay.

                For more information visit: Home - Australian College of Nursing (

                Professional Indemnity Insurance

                Mental Health Resilience Training

                The ‘Emotional Resilience & Wellbeing program for Emergency Services personnel’ (also known as the ‘Triple Zero ‘000’ Resilience Program’ in Australia), is Australia's first ONLINE program for Police, Firefighters, Paramedics / Ambulance Officers and Emergency Department Health Care professionals.

                This is a ‘proactive’ approach for officers to strengthen their resilience & mental wellbeing. 

                The aim of the program is to help officers to keep doing the job they love for as long as they can, whilst strengthening their resilience & gaining more fulfilment in their professional & personal lives.

                By applying the tools & strategies in the program on a regular basis, it’s expected that officers will be able to better mentally cope when faced with challenging situations in their professional & personal lives.

                In the long term, it’s anticipated that the program will not only help to build resilience & create a healthier wellbeing amongst staff, but also help to decrease the rate of depression, PTSD, & suicide in the industry.

                There are three general stages that the program covers:

                RECOGNISE –the signs & symptoms of accumulative stress, burnout & post-traumatic stress. Early recognition plays a vital part in prevention & recovery of mental illness. Gain an awareness of the job, and common areas that may suffer an emotional impact.

                REFLECT – on your current reactions to stress, mindset, relationships, habits, life fulfilment, & the impact that accumulative stress may be having upon all areas of your life.

                RESILIENCE – Learn a range of coping strategies, positive psychology techniques, and various coaching skills, that will build & strengthen a positive mindset. Overall, helping to create a more fulfilling professional & personal life.

                A metaphor for the program?

                Whilst many services have staff support services in place; many officers don’t access theirs (for various reasons), or many wait until they are in desperate need of seeing someone (ie: counsellor / psychologist) – therefore they can often feel pretty ‘broken’ by that time. I felt like more needed to be done before they get to the stage of needing to see someone.

                I’m sure many of you would have attended a DEFENSIVE DRIVING COURSE as part of your training in your job, so think about this…

                • You’re taught how to drive assertively but safely
                • You’re given a level of awareness of potential dangers associated with driving in that manner
                • You’re also given strategies and techniques to help you if you do happen to need to use ‘evasive driving techniques’. 

                I’m sure no one intends on ever needing to use those evasive skills, but they’re definitely much handier to have learnt them prior to having ever have needed them – rather than when you’re spinning out of control!

                This program is similar in the sense of; you know you’re in a job that has potential dangers & threats (physically & mentally), yet there are practical & relevant tools & strategies that act as a proactive measure to look after an officers mental wellbeing.

                The program is aimed at teaching you skills and strategies BEFORE you need them. 

                * Di McMath specialises in working with Emergency Services  & Healthcare departments, Universities (specific courses for Paramedics) and  those industries that want to better prepare their staff for long-term highly stressful situations. With almost 15yrs of personal experience as a front-line Emergency Services worker, as well as an intensive 2.5yrs to gain qualifications as a ‘Coach’ – the perfect combination of experience was used to create a relevant and needed program for Emergency Services personnel …. that is a unique and proactive approach to looking after staffs mental wellbeing. Di’s workshops & programs are a great adjunct to current staff support services that exist, & take a more proactive approach (rather than being ‘reactive’ to adversity) to strengthening staffs mental wellbeing. Di is a former Advanced Care Paramedic, current Registered Nurse, Resilience Coach & NLP Coach Practitioner & Author, that has created several programs, designed to build individual resilience, provide coping skills & preventative strategies in dealing with day to day challenges in work & personal lives, to improve peoples overall mental wellbeing.

                What’s included in the program?

                LIFETIME ACCESS - You’ll be able to access the program 24/7 * from your desktop / tablet / mobile – at your own convenience!

                (*For the life of the website. Excludes during any scheduled maintenance times)

                6 MODULES - The entire program was created specifically for ‘First Responders’, therefore terminology / ‘lingo’ used throughout – relates to the job.

                1. Creating a strong foundation
                2. Relationships
                3. Strengthening our minds
                4. Stress & Coping
                5. Emotional occupational ‘hazards’
                6. Moving forward

                6 HRS OF VIDEO CONTENT - Each module has video content, to guide you through the lessons. 

                DOWNLOADABLE WORKBOOK & ACTIVITIES - The majority of lessons have downloadable workbooks and associated activities to assist with the learnings of each lesson.

                27 LESSONS

                • The starting point
                • The beginning of your journey
                • Human Needs Psychology
                • The power of your words
                • The roles we play
                • The relationship with yourself
                • Love levels
                • The 5 love languages
                • Polarity
                • Rituals & Habits
                • Creating more empowering perceptions
                • Changing our state of mind
                • Emotional reactions
                • Perspectives

                • Peaks & Valleys
                • Stress & Coping
                • Overcoming adversity
                • Post stressful events
                • Coping with the death of a colleague
                • Burnout
                • Hypervigilance
                • Family members & loved ones
                • Removing the stigma
                • Life beyond the uniform
                • Mindfulness
                • Heart / Brain connection
                • Happiness

                AUDIO DOWNLOADS - You’ll receive 2 amazing guided meditations to download from my beautiful & talented friend Priscilla Clegg’s ‘Inner Calm’ CD.

                ACCESS TO ‘MEMBERS ONLY’ FACEBOOK GROUP - You’ll gain access to the private ‘members only’ Facebook group (totally optional!), where you’ll have access to a community of like-minded individuals – and further resources will be posted from time to time.

                CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION and 8 CPD points - Upon completion of the program & an exit survey, you will be emailed a Certificate of Completion for your records. *By completing this program, your certificate will show a Total of 8 HOURS that you can use as CPD points if you are a Paramedic who needs to self-report to your registering body (eg: Paramedicine Board of Australia) for your Continuing Professional Development.

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