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APA Tasmania is an incorporated association, setup to support Paramedics and Ambulance Employees

Australian Paramedics Association (APA) is a national body which originated in Queensland and was started by a group of QAS Paramedics. The success of APAQ was a driving reason for APA to spread to several other State Services.

APA Tasmania was setup by Paramedics in 2012 to support and advocate for the rights and well being of Tasmanian paramedics and ambulance employees. Since starting, APA Tasmania has helped assist in hundreds of workplace issues with successful outcomes.

With the onset of National Registration of Paramedics in late 2018, APA Tasmania is committed to assisting members with registration or legal issues that arise under registration, as well as continuing to support members with workplace issues. 

APA Tasmania membership includes access to our Executive team and our Industrial Advisor.

Individual Support and Assistance

APA TAS Membership includes access to confidential workplace support, industrial and legal advice, online clinical training options and online mental health resilience training. APA TAS specialises in providing one-on-one advice for your unique situation. We recommend members seek advice from APA TAS prior to work related meetings and APA will appoint an executive member to accompany and support you throughout this process. We strongly advise that you do not attend meetings without a support person.

APA TAS are committed to influencing change in the Ambulance Tasmania workplace and will advocate for its membership by raising workplace issues, highlighting areas for improvement and offering creative and innovative solutions. 

APA TAS also maintains regular advocacy activities with multiple political parties and in the media, to stand up for the rights and wellbeing of our front-line members.

Tasmanian Executive Committee

Kim Fazackerley President
Maria Owen Vice President
Trish Makrogamvrakis Treasurer / Secretary
Ethimia Voulcaris Industrial Advisor Lawyer

APA National Committee

Adam Gett

Chris Kastelan

Scott Beaton

Kim Fazackerley

Nathan Jorgensen